Thai Mail Order Brides – Why Thai Brides Are So Attractive

Thailand is home to approximately 60% of the world’s remaining female population. This plays a large role in the high volume of Thai brides that make up the workforce of Thailand’s tourist industry. The economic impact of tourism in Thailand is mind boggling, having contributed approximately 9.4% of Thailand’s GDP in 2014. The tourism industry in Thailand contributes approximately 5% to the country’s total employment.

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Today, the average Thai woman has two children, leaving her to be responsible for more than one of her husband’s family. The highly educated Thai woman is highly sought after by foreign men. There are multiple factors which contribute to the high demand for Thai brides.

Here is a small but representative sample of national characteristics of Thai brides.

Varieties of Thai brides

Thai woman for marriage

The Panya

A Panya is a mountain bride. Most Panya brides have an unusual habit. Many will not wear a blouse or jacket before the wedding ceremony. In order to do so, the bride will have to apply a paste of special resin to her body. This is done to symbolize her permanent residence on the mountain. The wife, if wearing a blouse, will also have to create a piece of cloth with the heads of snakes on it and cover it with a piece of traditional Thai silk.

The Kanchok

The kanchok is a traditional garment worn by Thai brides at their wedding ceremony. During this ceremony, the bride will dress in a long white sari adorned with jewels. She will then proceed to her husband’s house and receive her husband’s blessing. The kanchok is considered to be the most important part of a Thai bride’s attire.

The Paddle

Wives of the elite class are required to pay for their own wedding and receive their dowry by paddling through a paddling pool of water.

Peculiarities of a wedding with a Thai girl

Thai bride

The Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake in Thailand is different from Western wedding cakes. This is because Thailand has no church for marriage. This tradition of giving a wedding cake to guests at a Thai wedding was created by a local villager as a celebration for her daughter’s marriage. A wedding cake is only served to married couples at a Thai wedding ceremony.

The Hotel Room

When Thai women become brides, they will often sleep with the groom’s family to improve her chances of bearing a son and creating another heir. A typical wedding will have a non-smoking, single bed for the groom and a single bed for the bride. The groom’s bed is always bigger. The new wife will need to bring her own bedding. The husband’s bedroom is larger.

Social Customs

The practice of wai (touch) on Thai brides is not exclusive to Thai brides. It has been a social custom for generations, and it is part of the bride’s etiquette when meeting guests at a Thai wedding. It is customary to touch the groom’s wrist as a greeting to his family. The groom and his father must have some form of identification, such as a photo of the groom or a business card.

A Thai bride is not expected to have a prenuptial agreement with her husband. Some people have believed this is because it is the groom’s responsibility to provide for the family if anything should happen to the husband.

Tai Khwai

The wedding tradition known as Tai Khwai requires a wife to provide an ironed shirt for her husband. This was established in the 12th century to celebrate the name of the God of War in Thai mythology.

The Thai brideship is a partnership between the bride and the groom. The bride is responsible for all household duties and her husband is responsible for his family’s responsibility. The Thai man cannot expect a wife to do all of the housework herself.

The groom should offer financial support to the new wife as he enters a new financial phase of his life. The new wife will expect to be included in family events like meals, funerals, and celebrations. The Thai woman should be allowed to participate in the decision-making process as well.

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