How To Charm Japanese Brides For Sale And Not To Fail

Japanese culture and lifestyle continue to attract single Western men. Still, much of the country’s appeal lies in the Japanese girl looking for marriage with a foreigner, her unusual beauty, strong character, and unique sense of style. Discover how to find a hot Asian lady for a long and happy relationship!

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What are Japanese mail order brides really like?

It’s difficult to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Japanese beauties as the American and European suitors’ opinions may differ regarding these young ladies. Get to know a little bit about the women’s character in Japan and decide on your own where to find bride for marriage!


Once you meet single Japanese women, you may think that they’re humble and are ready to do anything for their men. And you’re right, they’re different from Thai brides and have quiet personality. Although the struggle for emancipation is going on in the country, there are still no clear results. Thus far, girls shouldn’t stand out over men. Moreover, it’s shameful to attract men’s attention by their appearance or actions and, in general, to give any signs of affection to the man they like.

Japanese Mail Order Wives

Taste in clothes

With all the unique styles of coloring, Japan is one of the most fashionable countries in the world. Here it’s not common to stand out with brightness. A lot of muted colors are considered the most elegant. You may not find too revealing and luxurious outfits. Open necklines and transparent things are regarded as bad taste here.

Good bodies

All Japanese females are usually slim and petite. Besides, in the envy of European women, they have a stunning waistline. In most cases, Japanese mail order wives have incredibly good figures. Due to the rapid pace of life in Japan, few girls do sports, and most such figures result from a healthy diet and genetics.

Face and makeup

Girls wear lots of makeup, incredible color lenses, and big eyelashes. A Japanese girl with and without makeup can look like 2 completely different people to a foreigner. The skin of local beauties is more resistant to the harmful effects of cosmetics and ages slower than that of European women.

Japanese mail order brides

What kind of guys do Japanese women looking for marriage like?

According to statistics, girls in Japan get married around 30, so they know what kind of man they want to see around them. So, if you feel that a Japanese wife is what you’re dreaming of, take a look in the mirror and see if you fit the “ideal man” according to the Japanese mail order brides’ opinion.

Height matters

Japanese women love tall guys! It’s a fact. And the taller, the better. They like to have a man who can put his whole body around theirs. Although these couples sometimes look strange.

Athletic bodies

Asian mail order brides are fragile and no wonder they like muscular guys. In Japan, guys don’t make a habit of going to the gym, so most look pretty skinny. Nice-looking muscles are attractive. Overweight guys, on the contrary, leave an intimidating impression and aren’t in favor.


Self-confidence is the key to success. Just don’t confuse it with overconfidence. Males who aren’t afraid to show a girl that she holds an important place in their life, have charisma and determination in action—almost every beautiful Japanese bride admires those. Still, it’s vital to them when they can feel safe next to their partners.

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Appropriate compliments

In Japan, women get turned on by what they hear. Praise, compliments on beauty, care expressed in various small things when talking—it all works. And if you say something nice to your Japanese girlfriend in front of friends, it will work even better!

Mail order Japanese brides courting tips

So, if you’re one of those who meet Japanese women online and, after a while, plan an offline relationship, here are some working tips for developing your love affair.

First date

The best option is not a flashy restaurant but a cozy little cafe to make your lady feel relaxed. Keep in mind the following—no matter how much you’d like to move your conversation to the sex topics, be patient and keep your hand to yourself. The primary purpose of the first date is to get the second one.

Have a girl come over

The Japanese don’t come to each other’s places, but if you invite her for dinner you made on your own, she won’t refuse. What could be more romantic for Japanese women for marriage than that? Just don’t turn dinner at your place into an attempt to get her into bed. She should enjoy being at your place and feel safe.


Don’t shower her with luxury offerings. In Japanese society, it’s customary to respond to a costly present with an equally chic souvenir, so don’t embarrass your sweetheart. Flowers, candy, or soft toys are better.

Japanese mail order wives

Places to meet single Japanese women for marriage

Here’s a list of win-win spots to meet single Japanese women and make new acquaintances.

  • In every Japanese city, you may find a bunch of places where you can spend a pleasant evening. You can visit karaoke or a theme bar, or choose a regular nightclub, where it’s easy to meet many single pretty girls.
  • Study interesting places which hold a lot of exciting events. Why not take your chances in one of them?
  • Searching by city and marital status on social networks will help you find available girls. Of course, you can’t be sure that Japanese beauties are ready to reply to every man sending personal messages, but among hundreds of girls, in any case, you stumble upon a few of them.
  • Dating sites and apps are suitable for those who aren’t eager to produce their miracles through trial and error. It’s no secret that out of 10 girls you can approach on the street, only 1–2 of them are interested in dating. So, dating sources have one undeniable advantage—Japanese brides signed up there are ready to mingle.

Bottom line

Japanese brides for sale aren’t as they’re shown in anime, and if you put an equal sign between the heroine of your favorite TV series and the liked real girls, you’re mistaken. Young Japanese girls are very different—some are shy, and others are more relaxed. Set out clearly what you want to get out of a relationship, be gentle and courteous, and a Japanese girl’s embrace may open up to you!

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