Why You Should Find Indian Mail Order Wife For A Happy Dating And Marriage

Mail order brides from India make great partners for westerners. The girls are smart, attractive, and extremely kind. You can find lots of them on dating platforms today. Why are they interested in dating foreigners so much? How to attract Indian brides for sale? Are there any cultural dating peculiarities overseas men should know about? The answers are below.

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Reasons to find an Indian wife

Indian girls are among the most desired Asian brides today. Why is it so?

  • Low divorce rate. India has the lowest divorce rate in the world. Less than 1% of marriages end in divorce in the country. The number is truly striking as not so many nations can boast of impressive marriages’ statistics. So be sure that if you find a bride in India, your relationship will last forever.
  • English proficiency. India is the second-largest English-speaking country in the world. Statistically, almost 90% of urban Indian population can speak English. Thus, you’ll have no problem communicating with your Indian girlfriend. The only thing that might bother you at the beginning is her accent. However, many foreign men find this even cute.
  • Home-keeping skills. Another reason for choosing Indian brides for marriage is their resourcefulness and savvy when it comes to household chores. You can make no question of your Indian wife’s cooking skills as well. To put it shortly, your home will always be clean and cozy, and your fridge is full of the most delicious dishes.
Indian Mail Order Brides

Why do Indian girls become mail order brides?

The reasons are similar to those of Vietnamese mail order brides and women from Asia in general. Here they are.


The United Nations estimated that the number of poor in the country is about 364 million. This is 28% of the whole population. Lots of men and women can’t get employed in well-paid jobs and provide for their families. That’s why Indian mail order brides look for financially stable husbands from developed countries.


India is still trailing far behind the countries where gender equality is flourishing. Indian women have to deal with lots of injustice and abuse. For example, arranged marriages are still popular in the country. Women are forced to marry men they don’t even know well. Another problem is domestic violence. Officially, over 19 women out of every 100 thousand across India experienced domestic abuse in some form.

Indian Wife

Peculiarities of dating real Indian brides

Here’s what you should keep in mind when planning to get one of the Indian women for marriage.

The importance of family

Family plays a central role in Indian culture. Parents want to know what’s going on in their daughter’s personal life when it comes to serious relationships and marriage. That’s why your Indian girlfriend’s family will know everything about you. Make sure you make a good impression on her relatives because your bride will take their opinion into account. If they don’t like you, you might be rejected.

Public display of affection

PDA is still quite strict in India. As registered in Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code, Public Display of Affection could be penalized for being an obscene act done in public. However, it now depends a lot on where and what you do. For example, couples holding hands in public is the norm in India now. But kissing is unacceptable in the majority of places (unless you’re somewhere in the nightclub on the dance floor).

Indian Mail Order Wife

How do you know if an Indian mail order wife likes you?

Here are a few signs your Indian mail order bride online is in love with you.

  • Body language. The psychologists point out some specific hints that can tell a girl is into you. These are prolonged eye contact, smiling, running fingers through her hair, licking her lips, laughing when you talk, and similar. Does your Indian mail order wife do any of this? If yes, she certainly has feelings for you.
  • Pictures. If a girl from India you’ve been communicating with for a while starts sending you her selfies, it’s another reason to think she’s in love. Beauty is appreciated a lot in India, and girls expect men to give them compliments. Your lady would want to know if you like the way she looks.
  • Questions. When mail order brides from India are in love, they want to know everything about the men they’re dating. If your girlfriend shows interest in your life, hobbies, job, childhood, or whatnot, this is a good sign for you.

If you’re looking for an Indian girl for marriage, start your search on a dating platform. Lots of women are registered there with the purpose of finding a foreign husband. And when you meet a lady you really like, be initiative and respectful. Show you’re serious in your intentions, and you’re doomed to succeed. Ready to try? Register on a mail order bride platform!

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