Colombian Brides – How Are Colombian Women Better Than Others?

Colombian dating services are a good opportunity to communicate with beautiful Colombian girls living in local cities and towns. Thanks to the Internet, you are not limited by location or geography. Below you will learn the main reasons why you should marry a Colombian bride.

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Top Differences Between Colombian Women and US Women

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Everyone has different tastes and preferences and what may be okay for one may be off-putting to another. Here are the top major differences between Colombian women and US women.

Age of Marriage

Traditionally, Colombian women marry at an early age, usually in their 20’s. The choice to marry early in a woman’s life is because she needs to work to support the family. If the woman has children, the priority is to ensure the family has enough income, not to marry young for the man’s career advancement. For that reason, many women will just wait until they have secured a higher salary and financial stability.

It has become common for people to seek their wife’s hand in marriage when she’s 20 or 22. This has become a source of contention in America, as many see it as the real age for marriage. One of the biggest problems this poses to people is that of divorce, as women are unable to change their minds later in life.


Not only do women marry young, but many get pregnant, which is a huge advantage for a woman. In Colombia, the average woman graduates high school at 17 or 18, making her in many ways the equivalent of a freshman at an American university. This contrasts with the American way, where the average bachelor’s degree holder is 30 years old, and may or may not have had children.

These trends have lead to the development of an educated female population in Colombia that is becoming increasingly educated and more independent. Women will often seek graduate degrees, like psychology or social work, which are extremely useful for their careers, and are increasingly pursued by women. This creates a very well-educated, well-paid female population in Colombia, which puts a heavy emphasis on education and career.


In the US, men and women have started to work more closely together in the workplace, especially in higher management. The influence of this has made men and women take into consideration how others perceive their performance, and how they will be perceived by others.

This is one of the reasons why women in Colombia have such high expectations of their men. They are not satisfied with being “a nice guy” and will look for a man that is stronger and more dominant. Many Colombian women in their 20’s and 30’s will still believe in the “strong is beautiful” mentality, which sees men as strong and independent.

Many Colombian women even prefer the handsome, short, and muscular men, who may be demanding and less sensitive than the average American man.

Colombian women are self-reliant

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For many, the concept of the boyfriend or husband who is faithful to his wife is unrealistic. This is because in Colombia, it is common for people to break up or divorce before they get married.

This isn’t just something that happens to celebrities, but occurs among much of the lower classes, where a large majority of women will break up or divorce their boyfriends. Many women just need to find someone to be sexually intimate with to feel satisfied.

Latin Pride

In Colombia, the culture is very proud of their cultural heritage and history. There is a huge amount of pride in the country and most Colombians take pride in their culture. The problem is that these two factors can cause extreme jealousy. Many Colombian men feel threatened by strong and independent women and tend to prefer the submissive and compliant women, who have low.