Bulgarian Brides: The main features of Bulgarian Women

There are many different nuances to dating Bulgarian women, including the most important factor: religion. If you are a single man from the Western world and are not Orthodox, you are considered an “unbeliever. However, if you are dating an Orthodox Bulgarian woman, she can expect a serious commitment to the faith and more serious marriage proposals than other women. But all this is a thing of the past and religion does not play a big role now. Read on and find out why.

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What makes Bulgarian brides so special?

Bulgaria is famous for it’s deep tradition and Bulgarian girls with wedding rings are easily spotted, even in the street! On the other hand, non-Bulgarian men have to start with a conversation about religion to get past the jealousy and bias of Bulgarian women. From then on they usually accept your proposal.

Women are the dominant influence in the Bulgarian family; from picking their brides (mostly religious in origin, but some not) to talking about school trips to their grandchildren, women have a prominent role in the family life. This influence can be misinterpreted if a non-Bulgarian is dating with a Bulgarian girl. She may seem cold and materialistic because of the “Bulgarian” family life, when really it is just a way to deal with her family. Bulgarian women feel that they are the house mothers, and men should be doing the “marching”, despite having the time for a family of their own. On the other hand, she is polite enough to get married to a Bulgarian man and live a life like a “domestic”.

Bulgarian girl

Only 19% of Bulgarian men marry a Bulgarian girl, and that number is decreasing, compared to in the 1990s. As a consequence, there are now an increasing number of young men in Bulgaria trying to marry a Bulgarian woman. The only one on the streets, who knows what you are asking for in a Bulgarian bride is a Bulgarian woman.

As a typical example of how Bulgarian women can be tricky, a wealthy Bulgarian man bought an exclusive resort in the region of Northern Bulgaria, hoping to meet the perfect Bulgarian girl for his wedding to his Bulgarian bride. He wanted to have fun and play golf with his friends for their wedding day, but instead he met with an attractive girl who asked him what he was doing there. He explained that he was planning his wedding to a Bulgarian girl and was asked where her family was, if they were coming.

After exchanging a few words, she replied “Your wedding, my sister will be going to church”. As he explained that his sister was not religious, she informed him that they were not even a Christian country and that “the church building is in ruins and does not exist any more”, but he had to marry her anyway.

The main characteristics of Bulgarian women

One of the reasons Bulgarian girls can act strangely can be because of jealousy, and that can be both good and bad for your wedding proposal. If you cannot get through to Bulgarian women, you can change the way you deal with them. It is vital to realize that Bulgarian girls love to be reminded about the wedding and that they will get to see you being a good husband, so at this point it can work against you if you do not also remember that you want them to marry you.

Type A people, meaning more pragmatic, charming and “presentable” may have a better chance of attracting Bulgarian girls, but be warned, the women that were born into their father’s family have a weak will, they are motivated by material factors and do not usually attract the “muscular type”. The type of women who can marry a muscular type is the type of women who can become domestic wives for other Bulgarian men, with whom Bulgarian women can become friends.